JET Electrical Testing, LLC is a 24/7 full service testing company. Our project managers, engineers, support staff, and field technicians form a cohesive unit.
We specialize in Commissioning, Preventative Maintenance, Equipment Repair, and Apparatus Testing. We offer 24 / 7 Emergency Response.


 System Testing New Jersey

Protection and/or control system upgrades

Electromechanical-to-solid state relay technology upgrade
Custom automatic throw-over schemes
Custom relay panels and relay upgrades

Medium Voltage Switchgear Maintenance New Jersey

Medium and Low Voltage Switchgear Maintenance and testing

Equipment Acceptance Testing
System commissioning
On-site maintenance during facility/equipment outages
Shop for off-site repairs/upgrades

Switchgear Testing New Jersey

Switchgear services

Technology upgrades
(Arc Flash mitigating protection, electrical operations, control systems)
Retrofill/retrofit; breaker and starter upgrades
Supply/installation of new, surplus, and/or obsolete parts
Full capabilities for all repairs and modifications

System Commissioning New Jersey

System Protection capabilities

Relay testing and commissioning
Upload proprietary relay configuration files.
Wiring verification
End-to-end testing
All manufacturers supported

Coordination studies

Coordination Studies

Data Collection available
Full Short-circuit study with available protective-device coordination
Available Ac Flash and Arc Flash Labeling
Employee training

Equipment Diagnostic Testing New Jersey

Equipment Diagnostic testing

Infrared Scanning
Power Quality Recording
Grounding System Testing
Load Bank Testing